12 January, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccine Supply Chains are Under Cyber-Attack – What can we do?

Google trends tells us that the global Google search for “Covid-19 vaccine” reached the maximum search interest around the world this week (Figure 1). This personal interest in vaccine developments is paralleled by the interest of malicious cyber criminals and nation-state actors, who seek to exploit vaccine procurement for information, disruption and financial gain. For perspective, Johnson & Johnson’s CISO has stated that healthcare organizations are seeing cyber-attacks from nation-state threat actors “every single minute of every single day”.

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01 December, 2020

Canadian Dr. Penfield Mapped Out the Brain… and Why We Care

You wouldn’t be the first to wonder why we’re called Penfield.AI. If you’re familiar with Montreal, Penfield might be a recall the street, Docteur Penfield, that pulses through the city and weaves along Victorian homes. We selected this name to honour this famous Canadian doctor and scientist, paying homage to him and aligning our work as an extension of his.

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