Value For CISOs & Executive Leadership

  • Demonstrate ongoing comparisons of SOC efficacy with Penfield.AI compared to the baseline efficacy of the SOC without Penfield.AI through tools on the dashboard
  • See how many incidents were solved, how many mistakes were made and where any gaps in the defence team are, to de-risk the SOC before a breach occurs
  • Increase number of incidents handled by improving analyst’s efficacy
  • Gain visibility into analyst’s strengths and weakness with Penfield’s real time skillset visualization capability for ongoing coaching of analysts
  • Significantly reduce the impact of a breach by reducing attack resolution time
  • Lower risks of PR crises, invasive regulatory investigations, and class-action lawsuits
  • Bolster due diligence defences

Value for SOC leaders

  • Improve analyst productivity by increasing the speed and accuracy of incident resolution
  • Reduce analyst churn by increasing job satisfaction and avoiding burn out through task distribution that considers stress indicators
  • Facilitate analysts career development and through customized training materials for analysts
  • Promote smart recruiting by uncovering objective skill gaps and by utilizing the technology to assess the skills of leads

Value for Analysts

  • By modelling skillsets and providing intelligent task distributing and auditing accordingly, you can be measured on an objective criterion, and the leverage the customized training modules to improve
  • Enable continuous skill development
  • Reduce burn out by receiving fewer tasks during peak stress times
  • Increased job satisfaction by resolving threats quicker and more accurately

Value for Human Resources

  • Identify gaps between the teams and hire accordingly
  • Save on hours devoted to training because of Penfield’s customized training module recommendations