Value For CISOs & Executive Leadership

  • Visualize ongoing improvements in MTTR, process insights, and overall SOC accuracy from a holistic perspective
  • Gain insights into incident resolution processes specific to your organization, or that of your customers
  • Reduce Analyst turnover by better managing the workload of the SOC team
  • Visibility into the skillsets across the SOC team and where gaps exist

Value for SOC leaders

  • Reduce MTTR by up to 38% without increasing the workload of Analysts
  • Automate intelligent triage by distributing incidents to Analysts which have the appropriate skillset to resolve them
  • Gain insights into Analysts stress levels and manage workload to reduce the risk of burnout and improve retention rates
  • Facilitate automated on-the-job training based on team best practices and insights into Analyst skillsets
  • Visualize skill gaps across the team to communicate headcount requirements to Leadership and HR

Value for Analysts

  • Insights on accuracy and processes will allow Analysts to be measured on more than just the number of incidents they resolve
  • Enhance current skillsets with on-the-job training based on the team’s best practices
  • Reduce burnout by assigning incidents based on each Analysts real-time state
  • Increased job satisfaction by visualization of skill development

Value for Human Resources

  • Visualization of Analyst skillsets enable HR Leaders to prioritize hiring individuals that fill any existing skill gaps on the team
  • Insights into skillsets enable HR leaders to facilitate training to Analysts based on their individual areas of improvement or goals

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