Continuous Improvement & Productivity
For Security Teams

See value in hours. All data remains in your private cloud.

Trusted By Companies Of All Sizes - From MSSPs to National Intelligence

Translate And Maximize The Business Impact Of Security

Drive continuous improvement in people and processes with each interaction powered by Penfield’s cutting edge AI. Gain realtime visibility into workflows across all tools. Show the business impact of your security investments.

Coaching & Productivity Dashboard

Measure security work. Communicate its value.
Continuous coaching. Automated skills assessment.

Workflow Visibility & Optimization

Gain visibility into workflows across all tools. Improve collaboration across teams. Optimize performance bottlenecks.

AI Queue Manager

Improve efficiency and reduce resolution time by 25%. Eliminate knowledge silos. Reduce burnout/stress with even workload distribution.

Continuously Up Skilling Humans While Driving Productivity. Make Informed Security Decisions.


Many organizations face limitations on their cybersecurity budgets and resources.The field of cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and analysts must stay up-to-date on the latest threats and technologies in order to effectively protect against them. Effective incident response often requires collaboration and coordination across different teams and departments within an organization.

Operational & Staff Productivity

Up to 25% improvement in efficiency on top of existing tools and reduced likelihood of SLO breach. Powered by our AI that performs continuous skills and workload assessment for optimization.

Real Time Workflow Visibility

Gain visibility into workflows across all tools in real time. Identify performance bottle necks and improve team collaboration.

Continuous Coaching

Gain deep visibility into Skills within the organization to prioritize coaching opportunities and manage Risk. Demonstrate due care by continuously upskilling your humans and providing personalized coaching. Monitor effectiveness of existing training investments.

Quick Start

The Starter bundle is deployed into your Private cloud environment and our partners start seeing value in hours. Remain 100% Private, no data leaves your network.

Integrate With All Your Tools
Via API or URL Whitelisting

List top coaching opportunities to drive team growth and quality of work. Automated skills assessment.

Enable effective workforce planning.

Measure security work and communicate it's value. Translate and maximize the business impact of security.

Track security across all tools with API or URL whitelisting.

Identify performance bottlenecks.

Improve team collaboration.

Automate documentation to build playbooks.

Reduce Mean Time To Resolve Alerts By 25%

Reduce SLO Breaches.

Eliminate Knowledge Silos.

Even Workload Distribution.

How We Compare

25%+ Efficiency

Our state of the art Reinforcement Learning Models consistently drives Mean Time To Resolve Alerts by 25%

100% Automated Skill Set Modelling

Our Patented Technology leverages Reinforcement Learning and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) data to accurately model the skill sets of Humans in real time without manual effort

100% Online Learning Models

Our Reinforcement Learning AI trains everytime an Analyst resolves a ticket, enabling our models to train fast and adopt to changes in your environment

95% Automated Categorization of Tickets across different sources

Our out of the box Alert Categorization Engine intelligently clusters Alerts which simplifies Reporting, Process Maintainance, Skill Set Modeling and more. Our categorization can be customized as needed

Deep Process Capture On Web Tools You Approve

Quickly onboard your favourite Web Based Tools by whitelisting URLs in the Pathfinder Browser Extension. Unification of contextual data has never been this simple

100% Private

The Penfield platform is built on Kubernetes and deploys into our Partners private Cloud Environment. No data leaves your network

Our Roots

Penfield.AI has emerged from some of the most respected programs powering the startup innovation ecosystem.

Jay EumFounder of GFT VC

I was impressed with the team's understanding of the productivity problem facing larger SOCs and providing an intelligent solution to better manage their limited resources. I also enjoyed my interaction with the founders and was impressed with their openness to feedback and support.

Jonathan SobeyCo-founder & Managing Partner, LongShot Capital

The need for cybersecurity will exponentially increase and Penfield.AI is taking an approach to support and simplify operations for their clients. Tahseen is an incredibly bright founder who has surrounded himself with the best-in-class business leaders and academics - this is a winning combination that his clients and the industry as a whole will benefit from.

Aviram JenikFounder of Beyond Security was the first company I talked to that is acknowledging and addressing the missing link in incident response/SOAR: technology is still not good enough to make incident response automated (and quite possibly will never be) and humans teams are not scalable enough to deal with the vast amount of incidents that enterprises face. Penfield.AI noticed this gap and is helping close it, and closing gaps is probably the best value you can give an enterprise.

Setup a Sandbox in Your Environment

Penfield is built on Kubernetes & can be swiftly deployed in your own AWS, Azure or GCP instance. Our Helm charts provision the required infrastructure and your tool API keys complete the integration.

- We will guide you through the process
- You always remain in control of your own data
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