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Why Leading Organizations Choose Penfield

In today’s competitive landscape, enhancing productivity and quality of work is paramount for technical teams like Cybersecurity, IT, and IAM. These fields demand strict adherence to industry best practices—a foundational source of trust, customer satisfaction, and financial growth.


Users report Improved Client Satisfaction.


Tasks have Quality Assurance checks aligning with Industry Best Practice.


Improvement in Productivity.

Operational Excellence For Technical Operations

Penfield mines standardized Playbooks from Analyst Interactions to drive Cross-Training, Identify Automation Opportunities, Performance Bottlenecks, and Automate Quality Checks, ensuring adherence to Industry Best Practice.

Key Pain Points

Penfield addresses critical challenges faced by Technical Operations Teams.

Adhering to Best Practices

Failure to maintain best practices can compromise trust, customer satisfaction, and profits.

Standardizing Procedures

Lack of documentation makes standardizing procedures a bottleneck for operational efficiency.

Knowledge Retention

Skilled staff turnover erodes specialized knowledge, hurting productivity and quality.

Cross-Trianing Analysts

Rapid tech changes and talent shortages make ongoing analyst training essential for competitiveness.

Industry Whitepapers

Deep Process Insights With Generative AI

Pathfinder Browser Extension creates process maps and procedure docs from interaction data, with whitelisted URLs for rapid onboarding. Deploy Penfield in Hours!

Process Standardization

Turn analyst actions into Gold Standard processes, promoting consistency and minimizing errors. Consult our Process Uniformity Score, then choose to automate or train analysts.

Automated Quality Checks

Penfield delivers automated quality assurance across tools. Penfield analyzes analyst workflows and ensures alignment with Industry Best Practice.

Root Cause Analysis

Identify cause of SLA breach, derive insights across multiple data sources like Shift, Procedure, Workload and Metrics with Text in seconds.

Analyst Cross-Training

Turn analyst interactions into rich documentation. Managers pick a baseline, initiating personalized analyst training.

Our AI Infuses The World's Industry Best Practice Knowledge Into Your Processes

We constantly mine the Internet for up to date Best Practice Knowledge, and infuse it into your workflows. Documents are ranked per credibility, ensuring quality.

Industry Standards

Blogs & Articles

Research Papers

Tool Documentation

Tutorial Videos

Threat Intelligence

Thought Leadership

References Provided

Align Your People And Process With Key Metrics

Penfield harmonizes Mined Processes with Calculated Team Skills, aligning them with your business KPIs. Penfield enables Leaders to concentrate on core priorities, driving productivity and excellence.


Identify root cause for SLA breach, and make adjustments.


Get timely notifications on Risk pertaining to Team Skills and Process gaps.

Process Maturity

Calculate Process Maturity and observe trends.

Skill Gaps

Penfield quantifies skills across teams. Get visibility into team growth and prioritize training.

Streamlined Analysis With AI Queue Manager

Automate repetitive tasks, summarize findings, and transition to analysts for in-depth work.

Expert Knowledge

Automate tasks with AI-powered expert knowledge.

Your Procedures

Tune expert knowledge with your Procedures, Tools and Policies from Analyst interactions.


Summarize findings and task definition for quick handover.

Queue Management

Optimize queue management to prevent SLA breaches and ensure balanced skill and workload distribution.

Privacy, Flexibility and Rapid Onboarding

Your Data Remains Yours

Built on Kubernetes, deploy Penfield in your Azure, AWS, GCP cloud or on Bare Metal.

Rapid Tool Onboarding

Simply whitelist tools on Penfield Pathfinder Browser Extension for smooth integration.

Expert-Tuned AI Models

Penfield benchmarks workflows against industry standards, ensuring alignment with best practices. Advanced reasoning is enabled by converting workflows into knowledge graphs that identify entities, extract relationships, and mine decisions. Supported models include Azure OpenAI or Penfield's Private Task-Specific models.

Domain & Tool Expertise

Proficient in Cybersecurity & IAM. More to follow.

Contextual Reasoning

Powered by Penfield Knowledge Graph.

Human-Centred Automation With ProcessPrompt

ProcessPrompt, always current with your mined procedures, tools, and operations, enhances your workflows and automates repetitive tasks.

Our Roots

Penfield.AI has emerged from some of the most respected programs powering the startup innovation ecosystem.

Jay EumFounder of GFT VC

I was impressed with the team's understanding of the productivity problem facing larger SOCs and providing an intelligent solution to better manage their limited resources. I also enjoyed my interaction with the founders and was impressed with their openness to feedback and support.

Jonathan SobeyCo-founder & Managing Partner, LongShot Capital

The need for cybersecurity will exponentially increase and Penfield.AI is taking an approach to support and simplify operations for their clients. Tahseen is an incredibly bright founder who has surrounded himself with the best-in-class business leaders and academics - this is a winning combination that his clients and the industry as a whole will benefit from.

Aviram JenikFounder of Beyond Security was the first company I talked to that is acknowledging and addressing the missing link in incident response/SOAR: technology is still not good enough to make incident response automated (and quite possibly will never be) and humans teams are not scalable enough to deal with the vast amount of incidents that enterprises face. Penfield.AI noticed this gap and is helping close it, and closing gaps is probably the best value you can give an enterprise.

Setup a Sandbox in Your Environment

Penfield is built on Kubernetes & can be swiftly deployed in your own AWS, Azure or GCP instance. Our Helm charts provision the required infrastructure and your tool API keys complete the integration.

- We will guide you through the process
- You always remain in control of your own data
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