Intelligence in Cybersecurity

By modelling the skillsets of analysts, Penfield.AI automates numerous complex decisions and tasks, while simultaneously up-skilling analysts, de-risking businesses overall. The future of AI is the people it serves.

About Us

Penfield.AI builds AI software to model the skillsets of cybersecurity analysts in order to take your Security Operation Centre (SOC) to the next level of performance. We sit between the human analysts and the computers to augment the SOC’s speed and accuracy of incident resolution in Enterprise businesses and MDRs. Rather that replacing, Penfield elevates analysts.

How It Works

Efficiency through intelligent task distribution, assigning incidents automatically to the analyst with the best skillset to resolve an incident

Accuracy through automated auditing of every incident resolved, in real-time, to ensure mistakes are not sliding under the radar

Agility through real-time coaching pushed to analysts based on best practices

Visibility by modelling and quantifying skillsets to understand the complete strengths and vulnerabilities in a SOC

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Penfield.AI Engine

Our Penfield.AI engine operates on a hybrid-cloud (on prem and cloud). The engine integrates with existing SIEM, SOAR and Ticketing tools. Penfield.AI does not replace current tools or analysts, but rather improves the efficiency of both without changing the workflow.

Penfield.AI MAP