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Microsoft Pegasus partners with Penfield.AI to deliver Process Insight Hub, enhancing global enterprises through analyst cross-training and Human-AI automation.

Microsoft Pegasus, an exclusive two-year program, elevates enterprise sales for market-proven startups by linking them with Microsoft’s global enterprise customer network, fostering top-line revenue growth and customer engagement in collaboration with Microsoft’s sales teams. Through Pegasus, Penfield.AI aims to achieve scalable adoption with enterprises that want to automatically streamline procedures, reinforce best practices, and facilitate ongoing analyst development.

In today’s competitive landscape, enhancing productivity and quality of work is paramount, especially for technical operations teams like Cybersecurity, IT, and Identity and Access Management (IAM). These fields demand strict adherence to industry best practices—a foundational source of trust, customer satisfaction, and financial growth. This challenge is further aggravated by the acute shortage of highly skilled professionals and the significant loss incurred when they depart with their specialized knowledge.

Enter Penfield.AI. Since 2017, Penfield.AI has championed Human-AI collaboration, with a platform that drives Process Standardization and Continuous Operations Improvement by transforming analyst interactions into dynamic knowledge bases. Key use cases include:

  1. Building Standardized Procedures for Human-AI Automation
  2. Driving analyst cross-training
  3. Automatic Quality Assurance Checks to mitigate human error

While Generative AI promises to revolutionize operations, the lack of a steady stream of structured intuitional knowledge required to drive Generative AI use cases remains a challenge. Penfield.AI distinguishes itself by auto-generating comprehensive labeled data from analysts’ interactions. Analysts need to whitelist URLs to onboard tools and continue with their tasks. Behind the scenes, this data is meticulously labeled, encompassing actions and queries, coupled with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Named Entity Recognition (NER), and Knowledge Graph analyses. Such in-depth processing enables the building of Dynamic Knowledge Bases, that powers Penfield.AI’s use cases.

We thoroughly appreciate the continuous support from Microsoft, which started in 2021 with mentorship through the Rogers Cyber Catalyst program. Our heartfelt thanks also go to our customers for their steadfast support and for endorsing Penfield.AI.

Tahseen Shabab, Co-founder/CEO, Penfield.AI Inc.