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By: Erin Pullyblank

More often than not, emphasis is placed on the technology and how it can be used to prevent the next breach, detect malware, identify a phishing attack etc. But what about the human that works with that technology? In a recent Forrester article written by Allie Mellen, Stop Trying to Take Humans Out of Security Operations, she mentions        “We have yet to build an effective security tool that can operate without human intervention. The bottom line is this: Security tools cannot do what humans can do.

In any SOC, no matter how big or small, the Analyst plays an integral role. So why are we not looking to invest in them? In a recent Ponemon Institute Report, it was stated that most analysts leave an organization after 2 years. For every 4 analysts that were hired in 2020, 3 had parted ways with the company. Organizations should be looking to reduce this attrition rate by providing value at the individual level.

Consider a solution where AI is utilized to turbocharge these key individuals who are working in such a high-pressure environment. Where AI and an Analyst can work hand in hand, rather than independently. Consider the implications of AI understanding an Analyst’s unique skillsets and contextual awareness, as well as optimizing their workflow automatically to enhance their performance.

Allie goes on to say, “AI is only as good as the model on which it’s built. AI and automation lose to human beings because we’re unconstrained and do the unpredictable, which is exactly what attackers do in security.”

Penfield’s stance is that of, gone are the days of attempting to replace Analyst’s with AI… Human-Machine Intelligence Technology has arrived to optimize cybersecurity defense against attackers!

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